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Multidisciplinary collaboration
and an outside-the-box approach

We offer a unique prospective and an in-depth approach when it comes to choosing a shipyard that will be tasked with building a multi-million asset that turns your dream into a reality. As a passionate team of designers, engineers, captains, surveyors and production line professionals, we take pride and thrive in every day challenges of building and delivering the perfect yacht; a yacht that will be unique in quality, craftsmanship, performance and durability. A yacht that will stand the test of time. We go above and beyond to deliver this.

Working solely for the client, with their best interests and requirements at the front and centre of any given situation, we are able to deliver impartial advice on what to build, which shipyard to choose, and the best way to proceed at various stages; before, during and after the construction. Intelligence, thorough planning and quality control are paramount to the success of your new yacht and her first years in the water.

Our unbiased approach cuts through the marketing noise and ensures that you are provided with an in-depth analysis of a yard’s financial stability, their building quality, delivery history and warranty reputation, as well as their unique features, selling points and advantages. Based on realistic assessments of where the risks and opportunities lie with each of the shortlisted yards and competitive offers they have put forth, we are strategically positioned, guiding your authorised regional dealer where necessary, to negotiate balanced and compelling contracts once the shipyard has been chosen.

Save when you sell

Based on an average yacht listed at €5 mil. When you sell with Yachtyco, you pay a 6% Central Agency fee, instead of the industry standard 10%, thus saving €200,000. In addition, you save 25% on average on professional yacht product and services with the Yachticare program, which on average translates to €43,750 in additional savings. Based on a median yacht listed for sale during a 6 month period and with limited annual operational costs of €350,000.

When you use Yachtyco to sell and buy

When you use Yachtyco both to sell and buy/build a yacht within one year, you only pay a 4% Central Agency fee, saving you even more money, without compromising on the level and quality full brokerage services.

Save on professional yacht services

As a seller, you can expect to save between 10-50% on the following professional products and services that are needed to prepare and maintain your yacht for a successful sale.

  • Deliveries and transportation
  • Dry-docking and shipyard services
  • Antifouling and winter storage
  • Marina berths and yacht insurance
  • Engine and generator service
  • Spare parts and special equipment
  • Paint, film and ceramic coating
  • Fibreglass and deck repairs
  • Hull and superstructure polish
  • Electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical work
  • Upholstery and soft furnishing replacement
  • Electronic and navigation equipment
  • Cleaning and maintenance products
  • Supply purchasing

Sell a Yacht

At the highest price and in the shortest possible time.

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Why Yachtyco

Key benefits of selling with Yachtyco

Save 10-50% on yacht services

Exclusive access to our in-house team of professionals as well as the worldwide network of partners for all types of quality yacht products and services.

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Find Out More

Sell for €200,000 more on average

We charge 6% Central Agency fee compared to 10% traditional brokerage fee resulting in a higher net to seller. Pay less for a full service.

Reach 3x more buyers

Modern technology, strategy and tools to drive relevant traffic to your yacht's website that converts to more viewings and a faster sale price.

Your savings:48,750 €
when you sell with Yachtyco

Your savings:121,875 €
when you sell with Yachtyco

Your savings:243,750 €
when you sell with Yachtyco

Your savings: 365,625 €
when you sell with Yachtyco

Your savings:487,500 €
when you sell with Yachtyco

Contact a Yachtyco broker

We’ll set you up with a local Yachtyco Broker who will advise you on the best strategy to sell your yacht at the highest price and in the shortest time possible.

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Sell a Yacht

Our Services

Market Intelligence

Selling your yacht at the highest price, in the shortest time possible, is our top priority. We will prepare comparative market analysis to understand where your yacht fits into the market segment and what are her strengths and competitive advantages. Extensive network and access to market data platforms and tools, our team of analysts are constantly monitoring the risks and opportunities of the segment in which your yacht is placed. Real-time data combined with our vast experience help develop winning strategy and adapt to ever changing market conditions in order to guarantee best results.

Inspection and Evaluation

To fully understand the yacht, her unique features, strengths and potential weaknesses, our qualified surveyor and broker will meet with you and/or your captain on board, to go over every little detail. This includes an inspection of the interior and exterior spaces, machinery and equipment, service records and documentation, so we can draw up an inventory list and detailed description, as well as a list of necessary repairs, touch ups and suggested improvements, if needed, to set your yacht apart from the similar yachts on the market, thus allowing us to increase the asking price.

Marketing Strategy and Tools

To maximise buyer interest, we offer a complimentary jaw-dropping photoshoot and short movie of your yacht, as well as a professional 3D walkthrough virtual tour. This is all tastefully presented to potential buyers via your yacht’s dedicated, responsive web page and delivered via featured listings on leading yacht search platforms, as well as targeted social media and search engine campaigns. Our creative team employ the most effective online marketing channels and cutting-edge tools to drive traffic to the yacht’s dedicated website, to make sure that your yacht is shown to the right segment of potential customers, globally.

Repairs and Improvements

Our goal is to accentuate your yacht’s unique features and to eliminate any risk or problem that could appear during the buyer’s survey, which could sabotage the asking price when negotiating. With decades in yacht management, we have a wide network of time-tested partners, as well as our own in-house team of highly qualified technicians and craftsmen. Thanks to economy of scale, we save our yacht owners €43,750 on average, when preparing the yacht for a successful sale. As a seller, you can expect to save between 10-50% on most professional yacht products and services.

Marina Berths

Strategically placing your yacht in the right marina, for example, close to an international airport, will increase the number of viewings and provide you access to top service providers and professionals in our partner network. Every yacht in our fleet has exclusive access to the most coveted marinas in the Mediterranean at bellow-market prices for the duration of the sale process.

Custom Insurance

Every yacht in our fleet has access to comprehensive and competitively-priced insurance coverage for the duration of the sale process, tailored to the yacht’s limited activity and cruising range, without compromising on the owner’s usage and preferences.  Our trusted status of a professional yacht management company provides for even lower premiums. We work with the world’s most established underwriters and guarantee the best insurance plan for your yacht, while she is for sale with our agency.

Crew Services

As a team of ex-captains and engineers, we are extremely familiar with all aspects of preparing and maintaining your yacht for exhibition - to be ready at all times. Our team is made up of top-class professionals with vast industry backgrounds, who will be on board daily for maintenance and small repairs, as well as supervising and overseeing more complex work. Should you want to use the yacht at any time during the sale process, we will arrange for fully certified crewmembers to look after you and your family during your stay.

Viewings and Inspections

We register all potential buyers and ensure that they are accompanied by your Yachtyco Broker during inspections at all times. Your broker will be available at every step throughout the process, until the eventual closing. Working together with our support team on the ground, your broker will present an exhibition-ready yacht, which will always be spotless, clean and ventilated, with fresh flowers and refreshments at the ready. With an understanding of the buyer’s wants and needs, the broker will highlight your yacht’s unique selling points and advantages, in a professional and rapport-building manner.

Legal Support

For additional peace of mind, and in partnership with the internationally-renowned Hill Dickinson law firm, we insure that the rights of the seller are protected by the full scope of legally binding agreements, drafted to ensure a smooth, trouble-free transaction. We offer a full range of legal services, including tax advice and structure, escrow accounts, settling agreements between the seller and the buyer, opening and liquidating companies in offshore and EU jurisdictions, changing name and flag registrations and assisting in obtaining the necessary documents, permits and certificates.

More Value, More Savings

Selling your old yacht and looking for a new one, simultaneously, can be a daunting process. With Yachtyco, our full-service brokers help you sell and buy/build seamlessly, while saving you hundreds of thousands in the process. When you sell with Yachtyco, you pay a 6% CA commission. However, when you use Yachtyco to sell and buy/build a yacht within one year, we refund you 2%, so you only pay a 4% CA commission, saving you even more money.

Little Things, Huge Difference

We go above and beyond to deliver an exceptional service for our clients. We understand that it’s the small things that can really make a big difference. As a result, our clients enjoy an unparalleled level of care and attention to detail, with time being their most precious commodity.

24/7 personal manager & consierge service

Transfers & travel arrangements

Secure storage facilities for yacht’s belongings

Why Yachtyco

Buyer Benefits

Seamless Process

We make the purchase of a yacht as seamless for the buyer, as it is for the seller, arranging for suitable full-time crew placement, competitively priced insurance and marina berths, as well as budgeting, scheduling and overseeing necessary improvements, all with unmatched quality and rates.

Yachtycare Benefits

The buyer will also benefit from our free Yachtycare service, with exclusive access to our partner network in the first 60 days after the purchase, to get the yacht season-ready, potentially saving tens of thousands in the process. Providing these extra benefits to the buyer also helps to close the sale faster, with a higher net result for the seller.