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Multidisciplinary collaboration
and an outside-the-box approach

We offer a unique prospective and an in-depth approach when it comes to choosing a shipyard that will be tasked with building a multi-million asset that turns your dream into a reality. As a passionate team of designers, engineers, captains, surveyors and production line professionals, we take pride and thrive in every day challenges of building and delivering the perfect yacht; a yacht that will be unique in quality, craftsmanship, performance and durability. A yacht that will stand the test of time. We go above and beyond to deliver this.

Working solely for the client, with their best interests and requirements at the front and centre of any given situation, we are able to deliver impartial advice on what to build, which shipyard to choose, and the best way to proceed at various stages; before, during and after the construction. Intelligence, thorough planning and quality control are paramount to the success of your new yacht and her first years in the water.

Our unbiased approach cuts through the marketing noise and ensures that you are provided with an in-depth analysis of a yard’s financial stability, their building quality, delivery history and warranty reputation, as well as their unique features, selling points and advantages. Based on realistic assessments of where the risks and opportunities lie with each of the shortlisted yards and competitive offers they have put forth, we are strategically positioned, guiding your authorised regional dealer where necessary, to negotiate balanced and compelling contracts once the shipyard has been chosen.

Save on professional yacht services

When you buy with Yachtyco, you can save between 10-50% on the following after-sale services:

  • Delivery and transportation
  • Shipyard and haul out services
  • Major and minor modifications
  • Winter storage and antifouling
  • Engine and generator maintenance
  • Spare parts and machinery purchase
  • Paint, film and ceramic coating
  • Hull and superstructure polish
  • Fibreglass, paint and deck repairs
  • Electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical works
  • Upholstery and furniture replacement
  • Electronic and navigation equipment
  • Audio/video and entertainment system upgrade
  • Tenders and toys procurement
  • Cleaning and maintenance products/equipment

Buy a Yacht

Leveraging data and networks for unrivalled market opportunities.

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Why Yachtyco

Your vision, our expertise

Unrivalled insights and opportunities

An impartial, analytical approach to market research and wide-reaching network of yacht owners, guarantee our clients access to the most attractive yachts on the market and ensure that their requirements are always met.

Uncompromising support

Our team provides unbiased support during all key stages of the search, inspection and survey of the yacht, negotiating on your behalf and ensuring that the process is fully transparent and secure from the legal perspective.

Save 10-50% on yacht services

Exclusive access to our in-house team of professionals, as well as the worldwide network of partners for most types of quality yacht products and services in the first 60 days after the purchase.

Find Out More
Find Out More

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We’ll set you up with a local Yachtyco Broker who will advise you on the best strategy to sell your yacht at the highest price and in the shortest time possible.

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Buy a Yacht

Our Services

Client Requirements Assessment

Buying a yacht is an exciting and enjoyable process – with the right approach and guidance. With a clear understanding of the ultimate goals and requirements of our customers, the Yachtyco team takes full advantage of the vast experience managing and operating yachts of all types and sizes worldwide. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced owner, we will help you find the perfect yacht in the shortest possible time. Our passion shines through when discussing the multi-dimensional world of yachting, and so our team would be thrilled to take you on this exciting journey!

Market Analysis

By leveraging modern technology and cutting-edge tools, as well as our network of partners around the world, we are constantly monitoring the market. We keep track of new listings, time spent on the market and the performance of existing listings, as well as ‘under offer’ and ‘sold’ yachts, globally. Our clients also benefit from our global reach and extensive network of yacht owners by gaining exclusive access to new yachts, both on and off the market. Occasionally, there’s an ideal yacht identified that stands out from the rest, but is not currently for sale. In this case, we use our network and continue to put in an offer, at your behest.

Unique Offers

Having established excellent working relationships with top shipyards around the world, our team is strategically positioned to offer our clients unique buying opportunities that are yet to be listed on the market. Sometimes, clients’ personal situations change and they are no longer in the position to complete the construction of their yacht, mid-build. These are excellent opportunities to purchase semi-completed projects with substantial discounts, with plenty of room left for customisation and improvements.

Inspections and Due Diligence

Even before your first visit, shortlisted yachts will be thoroughly inspected by our technical team. Their documents, certificates and proof of ownership will be verified, the service and maintenance records will be studied and a list of necessary repairs will be drafted. We will also interview the crew and tap into our network of previous customers to get a solid understanding of the yacht’s strengths and weaknesses.

Full Picture

Your Yachtyco Broker, backed by a team of multidisciplinary experts, will also advise you on potential maintenance costs, repairs and improvements, as well as the operating budget forecast, looming classification renewal surveys, an optimal crew structure, charter regulations, and nuances, should you want to consider offsetting operational costs by chartering your yacht. Working in close coordination with captains and engineers who are familiar with shortlisted models and brands we can thoroughly analyse the yacht’s full potential and address possible risks.

Offer and Negotiations

Once you’ve found a yacht that you’re interested in, your Yachtyco Broker, aided by our data and market intelligence team, will help you prepare an offer, negotiating the best price on your behalf. We use detailed data gathered about the yacht, paired with comparative market analysis, to ensure that everything is accounted for and that you’re not overpaying. Our advice is always in the client's best interest and our goal is to save you time and money, while making the purchase feel as straightforward and seamless as possible.

Surveys and Sea Trials

Our team will make sure that the inventory list is checked out, tenders and toys are documented and in a good, working condition, all the legal and technical documents are catalogued on board, and that the warranty certificates are in place, where necessary. For added peace of mind, we will recommend you a network of trusted, independent surveyors to answer directly to you, working side-by-side with our team, for the duration of the technical survey and before the signing of the Sale and Purchase Agreement.

Crew Procurement

It is a widely acknowledged truth that the crew is the most important part of any yacht. It is the make or break between the happy and a miserable yacht ownership experience. We have a vast network of trusted and highly-qualified captains who we will work with to find you the right-fit crew, with the necessary experience, qualities and credentials. We work with owners to define how they want their yacht to function and then create an efficient structure for the captain and crew to seamlessly operate.

After-Sale Support

Your Yachtyco Broker will advise on any improvements that your new yacht will benefit from, whether it is a simple carpet and soft furnishing replacement, a navigation equipment update or a full, labour-intensive refit.  As a buyer, you can benefit from our free Yachtycare service, which includes exclusive access to our in-house team of professionals and partner network in the first 60 days after the purchase, to get the yacht season-ready, and potentially saving you tens of thousands in the process. When you buy with Yachtyco, you can save between 10-50% on most professional yacht products and services.

Legal Support

In partnership with the internationally-renowned Hill Dickinson law firm, we are offering a full range of legal services, including tax advice and structure, escrow accounts, settling agreements between the seller and the buyer, opening and liquidating companies in offshore and EU jurisdictions, changing name and flag registrations and assisting in obtaining the necessary documents, permits, licenses and certificates, whether for commercial or private yacht use, globally. We ensure that your rights are protected by the full scope of legally binding agreements, drafted to ensure a smooth, trouble-free transaction.

Berth and Insurance

Most of our team are ex-captains with an in-depth expertise of not only the yacht’s technical and operational nuances, but also decades of accumulated knowledge on the best destinations, marinas and facilities around the world. We’d be happy to find your yacht a perfect homeport that you will get the most out of.  In addition, we work with the world’s most established underwriters and guarantee the best insurance plan for your yacht and crew, based on your cruising preferences and style.

Deliveries and Transportation

We have developed a vast network of the world’s most reliable shipping agents and delivery companies and so we can arrange the yacht to be delivered anywhere in the world, at a competitive rate.  We can also manage the full spectrum of cargo transportation logistics, documenting any damages and addressing issues that can arise during the loading, unloading and transportation of the vessel en route to her owners.